PROJECT 4 Assignment Essay

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PROJECT 4 Assignment

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) wants your team to design and manufacture a set of banners and posters promoting championship playoffs for each sponsored sport for the upcoming school year. The NCHSAA officials must approve the designs before the manufacturing process can begin. The approval process takes two to four weeks to complete. Once the designs are approved, you will manufacture 50,000 banners and posters that can be sold to individuals and schools throughout the state. The manufacturing process takes six to eight weeks.

TASK: As a team, begin by selecting a sport to promote. For the chosen sport, identify stakeholders and the different ways they are impacted by the project. Conduct web-based research as needed to make these identifications. Next, break down the project into individual tasks and write each one on a sticky-note. Put the sticky-notes in order showing the sequence the tasks need to be performed creating a timeline.

Then, identify the resources that are needed in order to complete the project tasks. Write the resources needed for each task on the corresponding sticky-note.

Indicate the project milestones using different color sticky-notes. For each milestone, write the date by which it must be completed. For each task, assign a date for completion of the task in order to meet the appropriate milestone.

Working as a team, draw a Gantt chart showing the sequence of tasks and milestones to make up the project schedule.

Draw a network diagram showing the interrelationship between