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Project Budget
Brandi L. King
University of Phoenix
Jeff McNickle
July 8, 2015

The Crooked Book Nook, INC.
Whom it may concern
Brandi L. King
July 8, 2015 10128.88
Project Budget for CCR

As of today, the board has approved of a budget for the off-site training, which we have discussed in previous memos. This memo will discuss the details of the ways in which the budget will be spent, a breakdown of the costs therein, the timing involved in getting it all done, and the resources needed to make sure that the project succeeds.
The budget covers the costs of training personnel. For this purpose, as it deals with a compliance rollout, we are bringing in a senior compliance officer. On average, there pay (for his status in the field) is 48.68 per hour. Seeing as how he will be training for 2 days, at 8 hours per day, his total wages are 778.88. Staff that is attending will be given a base pay rate of 18.00 without overtime that accounts for 4,608.00. Couple that with hotel stays for the compliance officer and all 16 members of staff coming to training, at 67.00 per night, will come out to1,742.00 dollars for board. Couple this with the amount of airfare (255.00 per person round trip), room for the banquet hall (750.00 a day) and the extra money that we should keep in the event the inevitable decides to happen and we are at a lost in one form or another (1,500.00 dollars). When combined these figures total up to 14,208.88. I think the easiest way to get near this number, is to round down to 14,208.88.
The estimates for the time it will take to complete the project are as follows. The setup of the materials and the individual will take approximately an hour to prepare. This includes the audio/video equipment (graciously supplied by the hotel), seating, and the disbursement of training material. Initially the training instructor will give a short (30 minutes to an hour) introduction and then he will begin the training aspect. There will be 4 hours of training, followed by an hour of lunch, and then another 4 hours…