Project Business Objectives Essay

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Project Charter for the
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This document template provides the structure for preparing the deliverable for the Project Charter assignment.
Project Purpose and Justification

Describe the background that led to this project proposal. Why is the project being done? What value will be achieved? Relate to business concerns, like: revenue, market share, cost, risk, service, and customer satisfaction.
Project Business Objectives

Define specific measurable business objectives related to the project. These objectives are normally related to business concerns cited in the previous section; if we accomplish these objectives, we will achieve the purpose of this project. Include target measures and time frames, and relate to project features that will support the objectives.
Product Scope Description

Describe the final product that will be developed by this project -- as the customer/user will see it. At a high-level, indicate the overall architecture of the product. Then, provide a list of high-level product requirements.
Project Exclusions

State explicitly what is excluded from the project.
High-Level Project Description

What are the major activities and work of the project? What type of resources will be used (internal or out‑sourcing)? Describe how the project will be organized in terms of life cycle approach.
Project Deliverables

What are the deliverables to be produced during the project, as well as deliverables produced by the project’s processes, such as project management reports and documentation? List at least 5 major deliverables.
Summary Milestone Schedule

What significant milestones are currently planned?
List at least 10 major milestones and their target dates.
Project Assumptions

What facts are we depending on to be true as we plan the project? List at least 3