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2. Project Description 4
2.1 Purpose 4
2.2 Background 4
2.3 Objective 4
2.4 Scope 4
2.4.1. In Scope 4
2.4.2. Out scope 4
2.5 Flexibility 5
2.6 Success criteria 5
2.7 Key Milestones 5
2.8 Budget 5
2.9 Assumptions and Constraints 6
2.10 High Level Risks 6
2.11 Resources 6
2.12 Approval and Project Acceptance 7
2.13 Project Manager 7
3. Appendix A – Conference work schedule 8



Executive Director

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Technical Services Manager

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2. Project Description

2.1 Purpose

The National Water Conference Project will bring together Canada’s best water professionals and researchers from across the country and around the word and provide them with a unique opportunity to meet and present or exchange views on current and emerging issues pertaining to safe drinking water provisions.

2.2 Background

The water industry has changed dramatically since 1986 as we see a much greater professionalization of the municipal workforce, the introduction of new standards, and a much greater appreciation for the environment. Equally the world has changed with faster, more global communication, far greater access to information and a tremendous increase of public interest and expectations. This conference serves as both a forum for national dialogue and educational purpose bringing together regulators, researchers, academia and water utility professionals.

2.3 Objective

The objective of this conference project is to facilitate interaction between regulators and researchers working in the water sector and operation/utility managers and practitioners, with an emphasis on various risk assessment/management tools. The format therefore is that of a research-oriented conference with oral presentations and panel discussions highlighting presentations on Treatment technologies, Risk assessment, Risk management, and Small systems.

2.4 Scope

2.4.1. In Scope

Project deliverables

Latest update in water quality research
Presentations on the newest guidelines as well as the activities of provincial regulators.
Unparalleled networking opportunities
Opportunity to private sector company to develop contacts and promote their products and services.
Delegates will provide feedback on what they heard during the conference and address their concerns on water research and regulation.

2.4.2. Out scope

This conference will not provide participants with proceedings as an edited book. A weblink will be created with all presentations and featured on the organization website.

2.5 Flexibility

This project must be completed by November 22, 2015. The work schedule provided in Appendix A will be followed. Additional tasks may be included at the discretion of the Project manager without extending the completion date of the project.

2.6 Success criteria

The success of this project will be measured through:

250 abstracts received
50 new technologies presented
65 presenters from academia and business
Quality of presentation and logistics
Variety of topics and presentations
250 hundred delegates attend the conference

2.7 Key Milestones

Estimated Completion Date
Project charter approved
February 3, 2015
Conference venue selection
February 15, 2015
Develop and publish call for abstracts
March 27, 2015
Review, evaluate and select abstracts
August 31,2015
Preliminary agenda
September 15, 2015
Final Agenda
October 1, 2015
Final submission of papers (power point presentation)
October 15, 2015
Conference date
November 22, 2015

2.8 Budget

Room and hall, audio-visual
Freebies, badges
Advertising, photocopying/printing, postage
Meals and drink
Performers, staff travel