Project Charter: Onsite Be Detector Essay

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A. General Information

Project Title:
Project B:
Optical Fluorescence and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Performance for Estimating Beryllium Concentrations in Soils at the Luckey Site

Brief Project Description:
Using 40 soil samples, we will compare Beryllium measurement strategies to assess the possibility of onsite Be measurement and analysis.
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B. Project Objective:

The purpose of this project is to determine whether real-time analytic soil measurements from a Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) system produced by Ocean Optics and an optical fluorescence method known commercially as BeFinder (from Berylliant) would provide beryllium (Be) data of sufficient
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Chief Engineer David

Project Manager: Leads in the planning and development of the project; manages the project to scope. Responsibilities include: develop the project plan; identify project deliverables; identify risks and develop risk management plan; direct the project resources (team members); scope control and change management; oversee quality assurance of the project management process; maintain all documentation including the project plan; report and forecast project status; resolve conflicts within the project or between cross-functional teams; ensure that the project’s product meets the business objectives; and communicate project status to stakeholders.
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Team Member: Works toward the deliverables of the project. Responsibilities include: understand the work to be completed; complete research, data gathering, analysis, and documentation as outlined in the project plan; inform the project manager of issues, scope changes, and risk and quality concerns; proactively communicate status; and manage expectations.
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Customer: The person or department requesting the deliverable. Responsibilities include: partner with the sponsor or project