Project: Chick-fil-a and Redish Brown Hair Essay

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Journey Jackson
2nd period
Interviewee Story
Destini Jackson Boom.Bam, Boom was the sound of the rain hitting the window as I sat next to a beautiful young African American woman, redish brown hair down her back and hazel eyes staring back into mine. I sat there with a note book and a number 2 pencil ready to hear the stories about her high school days. She smiled at me when I asked my first question. “My name is Destini Jackson I’m 22 years old from Los Angelos, California and I attended Richmond Gahr High school. This school was one of the best in my neighborhood. It was in Cerritos, California.Our school colors were gold and blue and we also had a mascot which was a gladiator.” She said with a smirk. As I pictured everything she said she went on about her teachers, classes, school lunches, and two of her biggest accomplishments. “I had two favorite teachers, Mr.Allfi, who was the best math teacher I’ve ever had. He had one of the best personalities when it came to teaching math; he made learning math more fun and easy to understand. Then there was Mr.Nixx who teaches criminal science. He was such a nice man and I learned a lot in his class about the different neat ways to solve crimes.”I wrote down every detail in my little purple school book. “My other classes were okay but my best subject was lunch!”She said historically. I laughed too, when she started describing the food.”We had Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Chick fil A, and all the good fast food places kids