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Project Overview

Basic Project Information

The following table includes the basic information associated with this project. Please contact the project manager with any additional questions or comments.

Project Title
The Doctor's Group
Project Manager
Jeff Duvall
Project Manager Contact Information
PM can be reached at the job site office or their main offices in Arlington, Texas
Solution Architect/Lead Designer
Project Start Date
March 1, 2015

Project Description

Project Purpose
This project was chosen by The Doctor's Group, individual physicians who are merging their medical practice and expanding their business to better serve the patient and leverage their investment.
Project Scope
To design/architect five existing building sites to include: medical imaging equip, VoIP comm system, LAN/WAN, medical equipment and media equipment. The project will also be HIPPA LAW COMPLIANT.
Project Deliverables
Gantt Chart, Scope, Executive Statement, Cost Matrix, Training Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, Risks / Constraints, Q A Plan, Testing Plan, Implementation Plan, Post Implementation Plans and Change Management Plans.
Project Time Frame
10-12 months
Project Goals
Design a comprehensive network system (LAN/WAN) that exceeds our customers' expectations. Deliver on-time and staying ahead of budget with minimal down-time. To successfully pass all systems tests and complete the project with NO accidents.
Project Priority
HIGH: Due to time constraints
Project Resources and Effort
How many people are needed to run the project? All persons listed in the WBS.
What key skills/roles are needed: PM, APM, CI Host / Cloud, quality assurance, security, infrastructure design, network engineer, network technician, All Net-OPS personnel. Telecom Field Engineers, City Inspector, Code Compliance, Vendors and sub-contractors.

Cost Considerations

Project Cost Considerations Contractors, Software licensing, Software maintenance, Hardware, Hardware maintenance, Internal labor, Hosting, Supplies, Permits, Unforeseen events, Materials, Sub-contractors if needed, re-do's, material costs over-runs, theft, weather.

Key Success Factors

- Committed project sponsor and stakeholder group

- Dedicated project team

- Stable interest rates

- Executive support

- Up-front funding

- Experienced project manager leading project

Risk Identification

Mitigation Strategy
Personnel Availability
Personnel not committed to project get pulled in different directions.

Ensure personnel are fully committed and dedicated to the project.
Clarity and Stability of Requirements
Requirements not clear or constantly changing.
Pull in the project sponsor to negotiate with customer and clarify expectations. Consider cancelling the project if requirements change too drastically.

Project Team Experience
Project team lacks skills, knowledge, and expertise to produce project deliverables on time.
Start project team training at the onset of the project. Provide tools that…