Project EML: A Short Story

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“Dont worry I will eliminate all of the ones who know about this eventually. We have had remarkable success and i’ll be damned if it all goes down the drain.”- gov

“Yes sir, Mr. Smith. I am going to head to my loft in New York and hopefully the news will fade away and will eventually resurface to finish Project EML” - udinov

In Alabama during the mid 1950’s, Dr. Udinov was a well known neurologist. Udinov was secretly approached by the government while he was at work. The government asked him to take on an unusual procedure. The procedure consists of taking out the brain, organ of black males and the uterus of black females and put it into older Caucasians’ so they can be more youthful, energetic and fertile. The cadavers will be coming
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Dr. Udinov begins to reluctantly prep his station for his first EML procedure. He places his cold, stainless steel tools in order knowing he will perform his first ill intended operation. He walks to the sink mounted on the wall to wash his hands of all the germs. The dark soap slowly rinses down the drain and he then knows it’s time. He puts on his latex purple gloves, a white surgical mask and a light blue mesh gown. Opening the door with his elbow, Dr.Udinov realizes that it is impossible to back down now. He slowly walks to the outline of the almost lifeless body covered up with a white cover. Usually Dr. Udinov says a short prayer before touching his patient's body but he did not think it would be appropriate to pray over an ungodly act. The patient has already been placed under anesthesia along with Succinylcholine, which means it was still awake, painless, but awake. He removes the thin layer of cloth from over, what he now knows is, an African American woman’s body. The paralyzed women bucked her eyes while struggling to move, she was petrified. Dr. Udinov places his surgical headlights above her vagina. Since the patient is a female, he will perform an Abdominal Hysterectomy to remove her uterus. First he cuts a large rectangle into the cloth and places it over the section of her body he will be focusing on. He cleans the area with the dark disinfectant soap and