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Charles County Community Health Needs Assessment
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October 2011

3 7 17 21 23 32 38 48 52 54 75 83 Executive Summary Long Survey Results Short Survey Results Focus Groups Geographical and Demographic Profile Vital Statistics Profile Heart Disease Stroke High Blood Pressure Cancer Diabetes Obesity 96 Aging and Disabilities 101 Asthma 106 Injury 126 Mental Health 147 Dental Health 157 Communicable Diseases 160 Sexually Transmitted Diseases/ HIV/AIDS 173 Access to Care 195 Substance Abuse 223 Tobacco Use 233 Conclusions

Charles County Health Needs Assessment Executive Summary
In October 2010, Civista Health, Inc. and the Charles County Department of Health collaborated to complete a comprehensive assessment of the health needs of Charles County, Maryland. To provide a comprehensive assessment of the health needs of the county, a four-method plan was developed which included four different sources of data: a long online survey of Charles County residents perceptions of health and health behaviors, a short paper survey on health perceptions throughout the county, seven focus groups with community leaders, citizens, and stakeholders, and a quantitative data analysis. Data was collected between December 2010 and April 2011. The use of the multiple data collection methods strengthened the validity of the assessment’s findings as well as ensuring that Charles County residents had an opportunity to participate in the assessment process and to feel invested in its outcome. Seven focus groups were performed throughout the county between December 2010 and March 2011. The focus group topics included: age-related health issues, chronic disease specific health, special populations, county leadership, substance abuse, youth through the school nurses, and the Partnerships for a Healthier Charles County (community leaders and stakeholders). Approximately 165 people participated in the county focus groups. The major health concerns that were repeated throughout the community focus groups included: • Physician Shortage • Access to Care Within the County • Health Insurance • Transportation • Diabetes • Obesity/Overweight: Childhood Specifically • Asthma in School-age Population • Health Issues of Elderly: Access, Dementia • Mental Health: Lack of Psychiatrists, Especially Pediatric • Cancer • Substance Abuse


302 Charles County residents completed the 74-question online survey that was created using Survey Monkey. The link to the survey was available on the Civista Health, Inc. website. The first section of the survey asked participants about their perception of health and health services within the county. The second section asked them about their health behaviors, in order to determine their risk for the development of certain health conditions. Most of the respondents are from Charles County (80.1%). The second largest percentage is from St. Mary’s County (11.6%). Only 2% reported living outside of Southern Maryland (Charles, Calvert, St. Mary’s, or PG). Over three-quarters of the respondents were between the ages 35-64 years. The highest percentage was in the 55-64 year age group. The overwhelming majority of the respondents were female (90.2%). The majority of the respondents were also Caucasian (80.1%). The second largest group was African Americans (15.9%). Very low response among other races, such as Asian/PI, Native American, or Hispanic (4% combined). More than half of the respondents are college educated: 63% have an undergraduate degree or more. 87.4% have at least some college. Most are employed full time (79%). 12.3% are employed part time. 4.3% are students. 10.6% are either a homemaker, retired, or disabled. Only 2% were unemployed. More than half have a household income greater than $75,000 (52.3%). Almost all respondents reported having health insurance (96.7%). Most have a managed care or traditional private insurance (81.2%). Most reported having dental insurance (88.4%). Most reported