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Scope management for the Student Discount on Cross Channel ferries Project will be responsibility of the whole Project Team. The scope for this project is mainly defined by the Scope Statement and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The Project Team and Stakeholders will create and approve documentation to measure and verify scope, i.e. Quality Checklists and Work Performance Measurements.
In terms of changes, these may be initiated by the Project Manager, Stakeholders or any member of the project team. All change requests will be submitted to the Project Manager who will then put the proposal to be evaluated by the whole team. Once the change has been approved by the team, the Project Manager will update all project documents and communicate it to all stakeholders.
The final project deliverable will be again agreed by, and will be responsibility of the whole team. The project scope acceptance will be based on a careful assessment of all project documentation, pilot testing results, and completion of all tasks/work packages.

Project schedules for the Student Discount on Cross Channel ferries Project will be created using MS Project 2007. An activity will be established to identify the tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve each deliverable. Then, all activities will be sequenced in the right order to make sure that deadlines are met. Based on that, resources will be assigned to work packages in order…