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Historical background
Nowadays, projects have become centre of changes in world whether the project is successful nor fail it will still help the business organisation competitive advantage or chance to over look their opportunities and threats (Pinto, 2010). From previous decades several projects have been tamed failure and even face cancellation before finish while other are successful, many organisation are seeking expert opinion on how to deploy successful project which will meet the constrains of successfully project and to outline the indicators of failure in projects (Lock, 2003; Pinto, 2010). The report will critical contrast three project if they are success or fail and the factors lead to that conclusion and lesson learned from the outcomes.
Report summary
The report will show how the three studied project have been chosen that are; Terminal 5 programme 2008, London Olympic 2012 (aquatic centre) and London ambulance system 1992.The report will introduce the brief information on each of the project, the projects will be compared and contrast with each other whilst critical analysing the factor lead to success or fail of the project by investigating the key features of project success; cost, quality, time ,benefit, scope and risk in any involving project. Finally the conclusion will be lead by lesson learned from all the projects and recommendations of any short coming or future improvements.
Projects selection Justification
Project selection in any business organisation has never been easy decision as there is many organisation have suffer enormously expenses for choosing poor project to support. In this report will study a successful project which is BAA Heathrow terminal 5 from all criteria of project selection which will be; realism, capability, flexibility, ease of use, cost and comparability these criteria will be analysed in relation to success factors (time, cost, benefit, quality and scope).
Also, the London Ambulance system, 1992 have been considered as a failure project in this report as analysed in contrast to success factors, the project does not meet many factors as evidences from different media shows. The study will give evidence and reasons as to why the project fails and what should have been done to relinquish the outcome.
Moreover, The London Olympic 2012 (Aquatic centre) have been one of the Olympic centre stage of the games. The report have opt these programme as the lesson learned from many previous projects this will give the insight of what and how should have been done differently and what have been done to make the project successful.
The report have used all the relevant information’s from different media which both expert and end user of the project have air their views on particular project, to come with the conclusion of which project is failure/success or lesson learned. The author weighs the views in comparison to his knowledge of project management.

Literature review
Project depictions
London ambulance system, 1992 was a part of NHS under its London ambulance services (LAS) the project was about computer -aided dispatch system (CAD) which will replace the manual dispatch system and hence improve the response time of ambulance services. The project was given to minor company called Systems Options and work commences on June 1991 and finish on October 1992 on the budget of 937k.
The project event time line (accessed on 04/11/2012)
The flow chart of event can be explained as follows: 1. Need discovered Mid 1980 2. Anderson report produced Autumn 1990