Iraq Complex House Company

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Project Management

Project Management
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Ali Balal

Project Management

Iraq Complex House Company

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Contents Introduction: 3 1.0 Business Project aims and objectives: 4 2.0 Current Situation –Problem Statement: 6 3.0 Critical assumptions and Constraints: 7 3.1 Assumptions: 7 3.2 Constraints: 7 4.0 Introductory Project Requirements: 8 5.0 Budget: 9 6.0 Time Schedule: 9 8.0 references or bibliography 11 Appendix 1.0 12 Appendix 2.0 14


The approach of the Iraq housing association company proposes the construction of residential complex houses in the country. For this purpose we will assume Mr.Ali Balal as a foreign investor, who wants to enter the Iraqi housing market via direct investment.
The Iraqi government has developed some attractive benefits towards investment in Iraq and especially in the housing industry and those are:

* Land ownership * Tax exemption for 15 years * Low corporates tax free after 15 years of tax free as will become 15%. * None direct involvement to the end buyer. * Government will introduce a secondary financial arranger to help the investor towards collecting both capital and profit from the projects so they can prevent the investor to be a long term creditor.

According to the latest reports from both governmental authorities and independents reports, shows that Iraq is one of the top 10 under development countries in the world as its becoming target of the international companies in different industry sectors such as oil and gas, power, housing, travel and tourism, agricultural, health, telecommunication, transportation and education.

1.0 Business Project aims and objectives:
By looking at the history and capability of the nation we will find out that the country has passed through very difficult times since the revolution against the king of Iraq, during that period Iraq has been involved in four wars and due to those wars the both housing and infrastructure damaged badly where we can find some reports mentioning that the latest development to the housing and land management industry was taken in mid-1980’s.
Our main aim is to provide affordable and housing units to the both lower and mid class people of the community. According to the governmental reports Iraq will need 2 million housing units by end of 2015 as the Iraqi government thinks that 85% of those units will be created and developed by the private sector.
Our next aim is to step into luxury housing industry so the wealthy class can benefit from the latest available technologies and innovation in the industry as the profit can be achieved more in this sector than the others.
The plan will be running in different geographical points of Iraq as we will also try to reduce the housing traffic in the large cities including the capital by different patterns as expanding the available complex houses and developing the available both infrastructure and required facilities as hospitals, shopping centres, parks, mosques, in and out rods to other cities, new bus routes, educational centres (new Scholes, colleges and universities) and other required facilities.
Providing high standards of new construction technology, and moving from horizontal constructional design (traditional housing design) as it occupies more space than the vertical constructional concepts, but we should bear in mind that the nation won’t like to live in a small flats and high buildings. Giving options to the buyer to choose their location, type of property, area and number of bedrooms as the property price will start from a basic price where the property will be handed to the buyer with its skeleton, where these prices can be raised by the available furniture and the quality and type of the