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Module 1: Projects Overview
Lesson 1: Project Basics

Activity 1: Your Knowledge of Project-Based Learning
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

1. Complete the first two columns of your own Know-Wonder-Learn-How chart.

* What do you already know about project-based learning? * What do you wonder about project-based learning?

What I Know | What I Wonder | What I Learned | How I Learned | Projects address standards. Projects are engaging. Projects Take time. | How do I begin a project? How do I get student engagement? How long should the project take? | A project should take the necessary time to complete, this may vary from project to project. You begin a project by first choosing a topic, and then finding a creative way to start a group activity. Student engagement will come from the excitement of the project and the ability to retain the knowledge. | I learned this from examining the characteristics and functions of project-based learning. |

For more information on Project-Based learning go to and view sections on: * Project Design * Thinking Skills * Instructional Strategies

You may want to bookmark this site, or add it to your Internet favorites for future reference as you work through your Action Plan.

Activity 3: Project-Based vs. Conventional Instruction
Estimated Time: 15 minutes Setting goals in this course will help you apply what you learn in your classroom. Goals you set now will be revisited later in the module and course. Even if you do not teach with projects, your teaching may incorporate some project-based approaches. Think about project-based approaches you may currently use and also how you incorporate technology in your classroom Based on your understanding of project-based learning so far, what goals would you like to set for yourself during this course/month/school year (choose one)? Write your goals. Below are some examples:

* Try some project-based learning strategies * Make my classroom more student-centered * Incorporate group work * Do at least one project this year * Do more than one project this year * Improve a particular project * Integrate technology in classroom learning

My project-based learning goals: To guide students through projects so that they are engaged and excited, but still learning their objectives and retaining information. Make my classroom more student-based | What challenges do you face or expect to face when doing project-based learning? Use the following chart to record your challenges and possible solutions for overcoming the challenges. You will revisit this chart. Challenges | Solutions | Keeping projects on task. | Monitor student activities during assigned project time. | Keeping the project fun and exciting while making sure students are retaining information. | Making sure that all activities are project related. | Allowing students to control their own projects without getting off task. | Designating a student leader for each group, or giving them the option of group or individual projects. |

Module 1: Projects Overview
Lesson 2: Project-Based Learning Benefits

Activity 1: Benefits Based on Research (Optional)
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Identify particular students in your class and consider how you think they might benefit from project work, or how project work might pose a challenge for them.

There is a little girl in the second grade that happens to be really bright. She really well with all of her work, but she has some behavioral issues. She likes to talk and disrupt the class. Adding group activities and project-based strategies could allow her the attention that she needs and keep her on task in the classroom. |

Activity 4: Self-Assessment (Optional)
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Revisit and add