Essay Project: Management and Celebrates Planning Company

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MGT499: Team Members
Gabriel Hou, Blanche Guo, Monica Liu, Sissy Luan
November 30, 2011

MGT 499: Business Policy
Written Project
Due: November 30, 2011

Written Project of M&M Celebrates Planning Company
Five Goals Our company is a new-style celebrates planning company, and the goals of our company are distinctive. The first goal is that we committed to plan and organize a unique ceremony to each customer, and we want to give our customer a wonderful memory. The second is we will provide an excellent service for our client's specific needs. The third one is that we want to develop the coordinated process service in celebrate planning scope indeed. The next goal is we have a strong will to be a leader in providing celebration service market. And the last one is we want to built our own brand nationwide, and establish a good company image.
How to accomplish them To achieve these goals we will communicate with our customers actively, fully understand customers’ needs, and then put forward a creative planning solution based on the client’s characteristic and hobby. Plus, we must show the specialties and characteristics of our company that are different from others. So we propose with creative that we can plan and organize divorce ceremony, homosexual wedding and other special services. Furthermore, we will make sure our service is more thoughtful than our competitors, and we will be responsible for planning, scheduling, organizing and implementing and other a series of activities. In short, no matter what style of celebrate the customer want to have, and no matter wedding or divorce celebration, the professional planner of our company will give the customer a warm and happy memory, and we will try our best to unceasingly grow strong. Customer and how to market them Our customer is anyone who wants to get married or divorce or celebrate for their marriage or someone who has any other novel ideas. Our customer can divide into three parts based on different service they want.
Ordinary wedding planning Our target market is all the people who want to get married. For this kind of people, all they want is a big wedding to show their happiness. So we can just plan a great wedding as what they required us to do.
Golden wedding celebration Our target market is the old couples who had married for several decades. Differ from the young people, old couples don’t want to tell others they are living a happy life through a wasteful ceremony. We will design a cozy celebration and make it like a family feast. And let the old couple’s family members share this moment with the old Darby and Joan
Novel business The divorce celebration, and homosexual wedding are our main business. The target market is the post-eighties generation. There is a report said that “50% of all marriages in the America end in divorce, and about 80% of them are people under 30.”(“Divorce Rate”, 2010) And Williams estimates that 9 million (about 3.8%) of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (2011) (Johnson, 2011) The population of these two kinds of people is large, but there are few Wedding Service Agencies have service for them. Our company will take over this business. Consider about the social concept, this kind of customer will not celebrate it in a big way, so the most important part of the service is the privacy protection. We will provide a small wedding (usually only invite the family and some best friends) based on the confidentiality.

Strategic map



Our company has five main risks, low popularity, strong competition, and great culture shock, high cost and low capital. Each of them will be a big stone on our way to success.

Low popularity Our company is new, which means few people know us and we