Project Management and Collaborative Team Members Essay

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Graduate Profile Essay I, personally think that I succeeded in the collaborative team members portion of the CSIHS graduate profile. I understand how individuals work together in a team and work as collaborative team members to achieve a goal and to learn from people from other cultures. I am also, aware of and able to reflect upon their role and contributions as a member of a team and demonstrate an understanding of the value of doing so. I appreciate and am respectful of the diversity of contributions, learning styles, and strengths of individual team members. In addition, I welcomed the welcome of differences in interpretation and judgments, am receptive to other’s views, and revise and expand their own views. I learned all these things in throughout the year from many projects that we have done in advisory and many other classes. The three projects that show what I have learned above are the giving project, international day project, and book club. These projects and classwork helped me apply my skills to the graduate profile requirement of collaborative team members. Before the giving project, I didn’t know that there were different learning styles and that each member of a team has a diversity of contributions. I also, didn’t know that keeping the attention of young kids is very hard because they have short attention spans. There were many specific events and activities that have helped me move towards achieving one area of the graduate profile. One activity I already stated, the giving project, helped me towards achieving one area of the graduate profile by helping me understand the importance of teamwork and team members. Another activity/event that helped me move towards achieving the collaborative team members area of the graduate profile, is the international day project. It helped me understand that by working together as a team we are able to achieve one, big goal. It also, taught me that everyone in a team has different strengths and weaknesses when doing a team project. A third activity that helped me achieving the goal of being a