Project Management and Smoothie Shack Essay

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Smoothie Shack

A place to fulfill your smoothie needs

Project Scope Management Plan

Version 2.0


Project Scope Version History

Scope Conceptual Development

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Version 2.0




Problem Statement

In the Kearney community I have notice that there is no smoothie spot that people can go and get an combination of a drink. Being from Lincoln there is a juice stop with hundereds of smoothie options that does really well in the Lincoln area. So I figured with great averdtiseing that a smooth shop would thrive in the Kearney area.

The Smoothie Shack could cause some major problems when developing, since the shop that was bought to put the Smoothie Shack needs major renevations. It will take some major construction work in the inside to make it up to pair for the public. Another problem that may accure is that we would like a outside seating are in the front of the shack. This will also need some major construction outside and a great design team.


Time: The process of construction will need to be done in a timely matter if we will like to be opened in around a year. We will need to gut the whole place out then start to construct to design of the Smoothie Shack. We will need to have ever detail layed out to make sure that there in mamminal room for error.

Budget: The Smoothie Shack has gotten a great…