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Steve Brown
Project Management
Week 2 Assignment

Project Management Going Social

I picked the article Project Management Going Social because I thought the topic was very interesting. The popularity and power of social networking continues to grow daily and it seems that the methods of social networking like Twitter and Facebook are becoming essential tools for companies and people worldwide.

The argument of this article is that the traditional ways of project management leaves little to no room for unseen issues because it focuses on precision planning in an organized and rational way. The problem with this is that customer demands are always changing, people don’t always react rationally, and that most environments are unpredictable. Also in most cases of traditional project management the project manager usually has to be the means of communication in project related matters which decreases his productivity and in result will probably hurt the efficiency of the rest of the team members.

The new wave of project management using social networking tools puts a strong emphasis on collaboration and makes teams much more productive. It is a lot easier to communicate with a team over a form of social networking where team members can review or respond as necessary at their convenience opposed to trying to get a time that all team members are available to meet.
Another benefit to social project management is the fact that you can include key team members that might not otherwise be able to be a part of the team because they can contribute from where ever they may be. It also give all team members a voice, where in some situation a team member might not be able to give their opinion for