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The Construction industry has a long history of poor project delivery due to fragmentation, lack of appropriate training, lack of automation, and slow uptake of ICT etc. Various industry and government reports have tried to address these problems and there has been a considerable improvement in the last decade. However, it is the use of partnering that seems to have galvanized processes in construction industry in the recent past.
a) To explore a contract management issues in relation to their implications to project delivery
b) To develop students analytical, evaluative and critical thinking skills
i. Develop through appropriate research, an understanding of partnering as tool for effective integration of construction projects ii. Critically analyse the implications of NEC Contracts in the construction processes in relation to partnering.
Partnering philosophy (in project delivery) has been hailed by many commentators as a radical shift in the approach to dealing with many problems that beset the traditional process of project delivery (as indicated in the introduction to this paper). To underpin the process of partnering a variety of contracts have been written to define relationships and working processes. NEC3 is one such contract. A closer look at the NEC suite of contracts however, reveals a significant and apparent shift of power in favour of employer by granting increased powers to the Project Manager (tipping the balance of power in favour of employer).
Write a persuasive discussion on whether the assertions made above have any merit or otherwise.
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