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Date: 21 August 2013
Subject: Web Conferencing Application

With the ever expanding locations and the globalization of business I agree that the need for a web conferencing application is desperately need. Per your request and after much research I have come to the conclusion that the WebEx Application by Cisco is the application that will fit our ever evolving needs. I have, at his time purchased the subscription for the application that will propel our business into the future.
I diligently scrutinized the four most popular web hosting application and the following are my findings.
1. As much as all of the web hosting applications are the same, there is contrasting differences that set them far apart and pushes Cisco WebEx to the for front. There is a rate scale for the number of participants and unlike some other applications WebEx will work on all operating systems.
2. Comparisons
The table below illustrates the factors that I took in to consideration when making the choice of which application to utilize
Name of App
Operating System
Number of Participants
Meeting Burner
$40-$100 per month
50-100 depending on plan
Citrix GoToMeeting
$49 a month or $468 per year
Omni Join
$49 per month
Windows XP or later
Cisco WebEx
$24-$49 per month
8-25 depending on plan

As you can see that the applications almost automatically cull themselves out leaving Cisco’s WebEx at the forefront. WebEx has the biggest…