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part1Assessment Record form and Marking Grid
FdA Hospitality/Tourism Management

Student name: | Assessment No: | Module Level: | Module Tutor: | David Vindis | 1 of 1 | 5 | Juan Martin PahlGloria Teyegaga | Module: Project Management | Assessment Method: | Weighting: | Date of submission: | | Individual Report | 100% | As per AR1 on Moodle | Length: | 3000 words | Learning outcomes assessed: | 1. Produce a schedule for the design and implementation of a hospitality/tourism - based project 2. Assess strategies for acquisition and management of resources 3. Demonstrate the use of project management tools such as network charts and walkthroughs 4. Produce a quality plan for monitoring a project before, during and after its implementation. | Skills Mapped: | * Managing Information * Written Communication * Planning and Managing Learning |
Assessment Criteria | Weight | Actual | Strength | Areas of Improvement | Task 1 The report should begin with an introduction in which the scope of the project is identified. The scope should indicate the contemporary management systems suitable for the hospitality industry. The concept board/tourism planning project can be used as the project aim. | 25 | | | | Task 2 Explain the progress of a project through the use of structured walkthroughs, Gantt chart and produce of a quality system for the monitoring of the design project throughout its life cycle.. | 25 | | | | Task 3 Create a quality system for the monitoring of the design/tourism planning project, throughout its expected life cycle. Design a communication plan to include human recourse management, financial planning (budgeting) and risk management within that. | 25 | | | | To produce a well structured report illustrating your ability to critically evaluate information and show quality of argument. | 15 | | | | Self Presentation – please see hand in guidelines for reports, essays and presentations below. | 10 | | | | Deductions: Late Submission | | | | | Deductions : No Front Sheet | | | | | Total mark out of 100% | 100% | | |

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“The Lyttleton” restaurant
Project Management
Task 1

Module: Project Management
Name: David Vindis
Words: 776

List of contents:

1. Task 1 page 5

2.1 Introduction page 5

2.2 Methodology page 5

2.3 Project charter page 5

2.4 Scope statement page 6

2.5.1 Business objectives page 7

1. Task 1

1.1 Introduction This report will examine theoretical and practical principles in Project Management. This piece of work will explain why was decided to change the particular facility of the outlet, including the rationale for the change, outline the objectives, identify main stakeholders and defines the authorities put in place. It will also show practical strategies of a project – Scope Statement; Product breakdown structure; Work breakdown structure; GANTT’s chart…

2.2 Methodology “The Lyttleton’s” is a restaurant within a Stafford luxury hotel. Author has chosen this restaurant in a relation to a Design & Facility module, where group of 4 students put together new concept and greater depth of feasibility study and specific designs of this facility. Report is also based on findings in books, magazines, Internet and interview.

1.3 Project Charter Project charter and project scope is the team’s capability to set core objectives and targets in order to intent clear structure for execution of the project Web Style Guide (2011).

This unique project will start in January 9th and proceed until its completion of 25 days. This would mean closer for the present restaurant and moving residents to dine elsewhere. However, this refurbishment thanks to its new design, colours and decoration will not bring only new “cheeky