Roles And Responsibilities Of A Dream Job: Bank Accountant

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Dream Job: Bank Accountant
Salary: $50,000/year
Minimum time in this job: 8 years
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Bank accounting includes preparation of permanent records for every transaction. Therefore, the statement of bank shows a general picture of the accounts of bank while the different books of accounts offer a detailed analysis of the items. In consistency with other fields, all the banks are similar with regards to bank accounting. Consequently, the same principles are followed in every bank irrespective of their size or nature of control. All the books of accounts form a part of the general books. The bank accountant also prepares or assists during preparation of financial statements.
Career Step: Assistant Branch Manager
Salary: $38,000/year
Minimum time in this job: 7 years
Roles and Responsibilities:
1.An Assistant branch manager positions are found in industries including lodging, sales, food service and banking. Assistant branch managers have many responsibilities, but their position holds the potential for a promotion to branch manager. The education, pay and benefits for assistant branch managers vary from job to job, but the duties are fairly similar throughout the industries. Assistant branch managers are second in command to the manager. Also makes sure any customers who interact with a business are satisfied, and deal with notoriously difficult customers.

Career Step: A Teller Manager
Salary: $30,000 /year
Minimum time in this job: 5 years
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. A teller manager should receive and count working cash at beginning of shift, identify customers, validate and cash checks, accept cash and checks for deposit and check accuracy of deposit slip, process cash withdrawals, perform specialized