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June 30th 2011

Winnie. M (T2094404)
Candy (T2231756)
Winnie Thao. N (T2134364)
Jun (T2212661)
Janice (T2222093)

Table of Contents 1.1 Executive Summary 1.2 Vision 1.3 Mission Statement 1.4 Products and Services
Oxygen Bar
Shisha Bars 1.5 SWOT Analysis
Threats 1.6 PESTLE Analysis
Environmental 1.7 Industry Analysis
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Bargaining Power of Buyers
Rivalry among competitors 1.8 Competitive Analysis 1.9 Strategy Summary 1.10 Marketing
Price 1.11 References
1.1 Executive Summary
New Century is our night club which offers a range of services to people who enjoy the night life and having a fantastic night. Our clientele are those above the age of 18 (apart from clientele of 16-18 college events). Because we are located within Nottingham City Centre, we recognize that Nottingham is home of two large universities and thus our target customers are students.

Our market research shows that the night club industry is highly saturated however competitive advantage is possible by means of strong branding and differentiation. Our unique selling proposition is that our company oozes personality, in the themes of our club rooms and the music that we play. To us it’s not all about making profits but we are also dedicated to bringing an enjoyable service that we can be proud of.

New Century’s marketing strategy is to emphasize the quality of entertainment we provide and wide range our not only activities but events that are available to our customers. Night goers will leave our club, happy, relaxed and eager to return. On startup we will have trained bartenders and staff that is there to help and make the experience even greater; every club needs security which will be hired through security providing companies and we expect to hire more once financing is secured.

The management of New Century consists of co-owners, Winnie, Winnie (Thao), Candy, Jun and Janice; we each specialize and are in charge of different sectors of the business.

1.2 Vision
To be the favorite night club in Nottingham, in the future and to eventually open more clubs in different cities.

1.3 Mission statement
New century with 3 themed rooms, including shisha and oxygen bar and unique karaoke room; featuring exotic sounds such as RnB and Electric. Our company is in the leisure market and loyal to bring the soul of the night to local customers especially students and the youth group in Britain. They are our focus target but not exclusively.

1.4 Products and Services

As a nightclub, the service we provide is to entertainment people who enjoy the night life. With themed music and lighting, a dance floor and the supply of alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption and an outdoor area for those who like to smoke.

New Century has three themed rooms which include shisha and oxygen bars. Our biggest room is the futuristic room which plays electric, rave and dubsteb music; as expected the interior design of this room will have a future aspect to it, a speculation of what a century from now should look like. The second room is our rhythm and blues room which plays RnB, hip-hop and reggae; a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; with a mahogany and pine wood interior design and Moroccan theme. The third room is our karaoke room, where people can grab a microphone, choose a song and sing along; this room will have an oriental theme. Red and purple lighting, red leather couches and light faux bonsai trees.

Oxygen Bars

At New Century we work with other business to bring entertainment and enjoyment to our customers. One of our suppliers is Bar O2 (who brought the craze of oxygen bars to the UK in 2001), who supply us with oxygen tanks for the oxygen bars in all our themed rooms, they