Why Is The Uk Becoming Unhealthy

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1. Why is the UK becoming unhealthy?
2. Britain is one of the most unhealthy countries in Europe and has the highest level of obesity, an influential health study has shown.(1)Millions of British children risk heart disease by shunning vegetables and watching too much television so that have little time to do exercies to lose fat. The unhealthy generation could die before their parents.(2) About three quarters of British men will be overweight or obese by 2030, Some 66 per cent of men and 57 per cent of women are overweight or obese in the UK. Within two decades millions more will have fallen into those categories and be at risk of heart disease or strokes(3) Teenagers seem to be worse than younger age groups, with around two in five 13-year-olds – 39 per cent of girls and 43 per cent of boys – drinking a soft drink every day.Almost half of boys and over a third of girls aged 13 also go without breakfast, as do almost a third of 11-year-olds.This figure is even higher among 15-year-olds, with 57 per cent of girls and 38 per cent of boys going without breakfast.Most girls and boys aged 13 do not do the recommended one hour of physical activity a day, compared with 20 per cent of 11-year-olds. And almost three-quarters of 13-year-olds watch at least two hours of TV on a weekday, as do 60 per cent of 11-year-old girls and 64 per cent of 11-year-old boys.(4)This research project aims to find out how people in why is the uk becoming unhealthy.It will pay attention to the bad hobby of food and sports that make british people to be unhealthy.It will also find out how british people change the lifeway and style to become healthy in the future.
3. Research Question
(1) Do you think you are healthy?
(2) What factors prevent you to be healthy?
(3) In your opinion, how to keep yourself healthy?
(4) Do you like sports, fast food?

4. Methodology
(1) Interview: A questionnaire will be given to 21 people in portsmouth.
(2) Online resource: Use information from website.

16/6-7/7 research and write literature review
30/6 hand in outline
7/7 write questionnaire
10/7 do questionnaire
14/7-21/7 write results, discussion, conclusion and abstract
25/7 hand in project Presentations-23/7-24/7