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To stay competitive in the financial institution market, the First World Bank Savings and Loan wishes to provide all banking services online to its customers. These services also include the online use of credit cards for loan applications. The development and competitiveness of First World Bank Savings is dependent on the ability to protect First World Bank Savings customers and assets. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) requires regulations and laws among related acts that must be established in order to protect customer’s information. First World Bank Savings follows all regulations and laws required by the FDIC. Essential security policies designed to be critical components into specific, measurable, and testable goals and objectives will keep First World Bank Savings in competition within the financial market. Statutory compliance criteria will be met with specific laws and regulations for all online credit card transactions and loan applications. If there are any violations found by the company, it is best to follow the actions outlined by the government, make necessary changes to insure they don’t happen again, or any other needed actions (eg. Reporting them to the proper channels).
Roles and Responsibilities include the cost, performance, and security of maintaining the Linux and open source infrastructure. C-I-A Triad specifies three goals of information security; confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality is the principle that objects are not disclosed to unauthorized subjects; Integrity is the principle that objects retain their veracity and