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1.1 – Agreement form 1.2 – Scope and Purpose 1.3 – Planned use of Organisations sources 1.4 – Planned use of Non Organisations sources 1.5 Work plan

Part 1: Project Plan and Proposal 1.2 SCOPE & PURPOSE

This project is aimed, at measuring the relationship between the use of the Accounting Information Systems (AIS) by the Small and Medium Sized organisations. Accounting information system is very critical for survival of organisations, which are dependent on inventory and documentation. The Main objective of the project is to provide guidance to adopt and develop an accounting information system for our client ‘INTERNATIONAL HOUSE DARWIN (IHD)’ – A student accommodation Facility situated on the Casuarina campus of Charles Darwin University in Darwin. Objectives:  The main objective of this project is to examine the student application and the asset management / work order system. It is almost impossible for any accounting information system to present information in the most relevant and useful manner.  To correctly document the Accounting information system (AIS) and construct a flowchart of movement of accommodation assets and student application process.  To realize the controls, checks that are deployed in the system. At the same time it is important that we validate the inbuilt control and checks of the AIS.  Compare our Company’s AIS with the systems that are being used in other similar kind of universities and TAFE colleges. It will help us compare the practises of Accommodation facility and then benchmark them with the best possible set-up  The last objective of the project is to recommend the new procedures, advising to remove the inefficiencies in the system if necessary and suggest best possible AIS for the company. Expectations from the client  Client to be supportive and cooperative: The success of the entire project entirely depends on the collaboration we will get from our client. That may include all sorts of information such as their sales, purchase or may be asset management system. We are actually going to frame the kind of information and the cooperation we will get from them during the period of the project and make it available for release.  Students should be aware of the privacy and confidentiality of the client: No client is going to give information until and unless we assure them that the information is for academic purpose and will be handled with high level of

professionalism and confidentiality. So at the very beginning of the project we should deliver them all the information regarding the project and student identification Expected Outcome The main purpose of our client using AIS is to organise the student accommodation in a simple possible way through online and manage information in order to make maximum profits. Our project will assist the company as the white paper of the present system of the company. Our only objective is filing the AIS of the company and makes it satisfactory equally the white paper of AIS. Benefits of the Project Project will help the client adopt and develop a highly effective and efficient accounting information system that will help them to maintain accommodation process easy and comfortable as well as saving both time and money. Moreover, this project will help in remove the problems of the current system and will help in managing the critical information of the business in the right manner.



We can easily gain some basic information about the company by surfing our clients website which is But in order to gain information about the student application and asset management and internal control of the company we have planned to take interviews with the following individuals for the project:

Dean Preddy : The Manager Ninad Menezes : Finance and Operations Coordinator John Kasi : Maintenance Officer The questions we would like to ask the individuals: These are the set