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description of the format & required content of the website design document
Use this as a guide or checklist for the creation of your design document. Before handing in your assignment, make sure that all section are present and that they contain the information required.
Please note: A report generally consists of a number of pages with section headings and sub-headings. Page numbers are required on every page except the cover page. For ease of reading and marking it is suggested you also provide a Table of Contents with working links to the individual sections of the report. | | 1. Topic Name & Description | Write this as a summary of the entire website, NOT as an essay-type introduction to the assignment! | 1.1. Name | As it will appear on your website’s homepage | 1.2. Description | Detailed description of the site. | 1. Target Audience | The type of people who will want to view your website | 2.3. Age | Self-explanatory | 2.4. Gender | Self-explanatory | 2.5. Justification | why the specific target audience and not others? | 2. Early sketches (storyboards) 3.6. Basic sketches – home page, other pages, FAQ page. | | 3. Competitive Analysis | 6 websites that are similar to the one you will be creating. In your analysis you need to identify why you chose the websites you have analysed | 4.7. Analysis of good sites (3) | Use the evaluation sheet from the lab session | 4.8. Analysis of bad sites (3) | Use the evaluation sheet from the lab session | 4.9. Summary of good and bad points | Short summary of elements you are considering using in your website and those to avoid. | 4. Content Requirements | The Content Requirements section needs to read like an inventory of all items of information required to make the website functional; this is an “unformatted” section in that it requires you to note all elements needed BY NAME ONLY., The way the content is presented is to be detailed in Section 8 of the document | 5.10. Content Inventory | Simple list of keywords identifying ALL CONTENT. Eg. Primary school Melb Gr1-3; PS Ballarat Gr4-6; image Jay-Z; text Rock music; video AFL; text Causes; image x 3 Causes; Youtube link Film etc. | 5.11. Categories & Labels | See Website Content Requirements document for requirements and add anything else you have come up with. Requirements must be met before adding additional categories. Carefully read “page” requirements so that you do not end up combining categories on one page which require separate pages! | | | 5. Information Architecture | | 6.12. Site map | Graphical representation of the pages in the website; must have identifying labels and show relationship between the pages | 6.13. Wire frames | Digitally-created wire frames for each page in the website. | 6. Navigation scheme | Identification how users will navigate the website, including the navigation from section to section, internal page to internal page, and internal page to external site. | 7.14. Global navigation | Description of how users will navigate the entire site. | 7.15. Local navigation | Description of how users will navigate the pages within a category. | 7.16. Footer | Description of the navigation available in the footer | 7. Content Design | Full marks will only be given for the detailed description of each page within the site; | 8.17. Content Layout for each page | Detailed, short description of the content for each page in the website. NOTE: