Project Plan For Opening An Upscale Fashion Boutique

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Project plan for opening an upscale fashion boutique
General introduction and description of project
This is a project for opening an upscale fashion boutique, the duration of the project is 2012/4/15—2012/6/30. The boutique is located on Orchard road, the decorations of the boutique is important as it aims at the ladies from middle-class, it sells the the informal dress from Italy, and two female staffs are needed. The boutique must be equipped with a television to play the fashion shows from all over the world during operation time, in addition, an Italian sofa set is prepared for the customers for rest. Last but not the least, this project also includes the publicity of the boutique and the arrangement of a fantastic opening ceremony
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It is a estimative figure. However, the bottom-up estimates are more accurate because each activity has a specific figure on spending how much on this activity, then can easily know the cost on each big parts of the WBS.

Project Network Diagram Network Information
| Opening an upscale fashion boutique |
|Activity |Description |Preceding Activity |Activity Time (day) |
|A |Market Research |None |30 |
|B |Rental&Deposit |None |30 |
|C |Register brand name&get licence |A,B |7 |
|D |Look for suppliers and make order