Project Postmortem Essay

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To: My Social Sports (MSS) NOW Project Sponsors and Stakeholders
From: Project Manager
Date: December 7, 2014
RE: MSS NOW Interactive Software (IS-SM14) Training Postmortem Review
OBJECTIVE – This memorandum will provide a detailed analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of postmortem review of the IS-SM14 Training Implementation. Also, the participants of the meeting will be revealed. Lastly, what the training team hopes to discover after the completion of this postmortem review. BENEFITS OF A POSTMORTEM REVIEW – There is several important benefits of a postmortem review, all providing a thorough breakdown of what expected. The first but not in any degree of importance over the other benefits is list the goals compared to the actual outcome of the project. The second benefit is comparing the proposed benefit to the final costs of the 2 day software training implementation. Third, the stakeholder participation will be evaluated. Our stakeholders are important and deserve to have adequate description of what their involvement is. The postmortem will provide the project team with what and description of what went well and what went wrong. Items to review during the postmortem review:
1. Morale
2. Communication
3. Hardware Cost
4. Software Cost
5. Time
6. Budget
7. Scope
8. Requirements
9. Conflict Management
10. Deadlines
DRAWBACKS OF A POSTMORTEM REVIEW – There are no many drawbacks of a project postmortem, however, there is one blaring drawback. Once a project has reached completion, the postmortem will reveal any issues that may have occurred. Despite pointing out the past problems of the project, it may be too late correct the problems for the current project if need.
PROPOSED MEETING – The postmortem meeting will be held shortly after the training ends on December 9, 2014. The IS-SM14 Implementation training…