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114-25 Meredith Place, Addisleigh Park, New York 11434, Tele (212) 297-0612, Fax (212) 297-0611
December 1, 2012
Mr. Isuzu Kawasaki
Associate Director
San Monica Properties
Purchasing, Room 214
500 Keller Boulevard
Queens, New York 87124

Dear Mr. Kawasaki, In compliance to the specified requirements set forth in the Request For Proposal on the subject
“Kitchen Remodeling in a Duplex Luxury Apartment”, Innovation Construction Company appreciates the opportunity to present for your consideration the accompanying proposal in accordance with Section IV
(Scope of Services)) of your Request for Proposal. The salient purpose of this document is to provide you with general and specific information that satisfies the needs of your company with respect to the your remodeling and construction needs. Our desire is to provide your company with quality construction that has the “look and feel of luxury”, which will attract customers and lead to maximum profits for your company. On behalf of Innovation Construction Company, I hereby acknowledge and accept the expressed terms and conditions of your Request for Proposal released on September 28, 2012. In addition, I certify that

Innovation Construction Company meets the Basic Proposal Requirement outlined in Section V of the RFP.
Our company hopes that this proposal will receive your most favorable approval.

David Michaels
President and Chief Executive Officer
Innovation Construction

Section III- Technical Proposal A- Experience
San Monica Properties has assisted our clients across a wide range of sectors to achieve higher levels of performance and long-lasting results. All of San Monica Properties’ partners are experienced in areas of communication, program coordination, project management and marketing. We propose a highly qualified team of managers, engineers and technical professionals. The partners were drawn from a group of individuals with similar business ideas and business interests.
The San Monica Properties team brings considerable advantages:
Executive Staffing Roster
David Michaels- President and Chief Executive Officer: David Michaels is the founder and creator of San Monica Properties and his primary focus is to ensure that business will run efficiently and within budget, work closely with all the senior level managers and find strategic mergers acquisitions to spot opportunities with the marketplace, where the company will create new advantages for the market share and competitors.
With more than 18 years of experience, David comes qualified as a President and CEO and has handled over 25 construction projects for SMP’s luxury kitchen apartments. He has been able to handle the company’s performance objectives, evaluating high or low performing business and teams and teams, appearing any brand awareness in the media in order to be proactive and representing the company.
Tanasha Francis-Elliott- Director of Construction Operations:
Ms. Tanasha brings more than 10 years of operating experience and has coordinated more than 10 construction operating planning schedules for SMP. She comes with a MBA in Business Management and has synchronized more than $1 million in operating expenses for San Monica Properties and San Monica Properties’ Management. Tanasha’s knowledge, experience and leadership for the past 10 years in Construction Operations has provided great support of how to run the company’s operations and making it a successful process for SMP.
Before joining SMP, Tanasha has worked with Retail Operations and Bank Management Operations; thus successfully bringing her abilities, knowledge and skills to SMP cohesively operating more than 15 construction operating projects. She has successfully managed all construction operating business plan budgets and construction material(s) cost. Tanasha’s fearless and analytical skills have created her to