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To: Site Managers and Stakeholders
From: Jerome King, IT Department
Date: July 23, 2104
Subject: New Companywide Compliance System Implementation and Policies

The executives at Computer Science Corporation (CSC) has decided to implement a new companywide software upgrade to all Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT) virtual simulators in the continental United States.
As leaders of CSC, we must help our employees navigate through change, particularly during a new system/software implementation. We are coming to you first to ask for your leadership regarding changes to our system policies. We want to make sure all managers and employees are equipped in advance with the necessary information on why this change is necessary.
Recently we reviewed our global simulator system policies and practices and found that the military’s need to provide Soldiers with advance training capabilities to combat the war on terrorism has motivated CSC to update its current system databases as well as its policies. In response to these findings, we have identified ways to harmonize aspects of our system compliance policies and bring outdated policies and software up-to-date.
Project Description
The RVTT simulator will receive a software upgrade to the new OneSAF simulation training system that will replace the current legacy system. The OneSAF system has replaced the legacy CCTT Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) and Computer Generated Forces (CGF). OneSAF training will be a combination of instruction and hands-on operation. The training course will cover all major changes that have had an impact to the CCTT legacy system. This will include MCC operations, SAF familiarization, scenario development using new or different behaviors that will replace the legacy CCTT behaviors, executing operational scenarios using CCTT Manned Modules and OneSAF Work Stations using the AAR functions with new operational and reporting features.
To minimize training costs, training sessions will be conducted at main Hub office located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Training requires a minimum of 40 hours conducted over a 5 day period which contains a combination of PowerPoint presentations and hands-on operation.
Potential Stakeholders
The potential stakeholders that will be directly affected by this project are the Marketing and Financial departments, CSC Hub Managers, RVTT Site Leads, Computer-based Trainer/Instructors, and the Maintenance Technicians. Stakeholders that will be indirectly affected by this project are the consumers, the United States Armed Forces, and personnel whom have stock within our company.
Overall Objectives and Outcomes
The overall objectives of this project is to first, implement the new system upgrade to each RVTT system training site and second, familiarize the operators with the new or modified capabilities associated with the integration of the OneSAF system into the Close Combat Tactical system. As a result from the training, the outcome will allow customers to receive high quality training from the upgrade that provides the user with unlimited