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Project Proposal
Company profile: In 1932, A Polish immigrant named Stanley F. Kryla opened the Stanley’s Famous Hamburger. At that time, Stanley hoped to open a restaurant that is honest and affordable. In his mind, the hamburger should be a commitment to sell a simple American product home cooked, full of flavor and affordable- everything folks needed. With the freshest ingredients and top quality beef, “Stanley burgers” became known region wide. Redolent with grilled onions and pickles, the burger became a staple for many and restaurant became a landmark for the Blackstone Valley.
Nowadays, there are many restaurants make burgers, however, Stanley Kryla’s commitment still lives on today. Stanley’s Famous Hamburger got many awards such as Best Burger & Editor's Pick "Cheap Eats" Statewide, Editor's Pick Best Burger, Best Burger & Fries in Rhode Island. What is more, there are many articles talks about Stanley on The Times and The Providence Journal. The location of Stanley’s famous hamburgers is 535 Dexter Street, Central Falls, RI. The company has the Facebook page and official website. Customers can get most information from these social media channel. This company does not use Twitter to post information. Additionally, there is no video on the YouTube about Stanly’s hamburgers.
Social media concept: Nowadays, Social media have become an essential aspect during companies. Social Media can directly affect the awareness of the company during customers. Our strategy is to attract more fresh customers by interesting picture and video on the Facebook and You Tube. We hope we can make more people know the restaurant. The final goal of social media is not only to hold the current customers but also to attract more and more customers near them. In order to spread Stanley’s Famous Hamburger, activities are important. In the fast and modern period, people are tired of old and history. They prefer fresh and exciting products. No matter how long the history of...

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