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Headquartered in San Francisco, California – Uber is an American international service based company. It develops, markets and operates the mobile-app-based transportation network. The Uber app allows consumers to submit a trip request, which is routed to crowd-sourced taxi drivers. Founded in 2009, it raised $49 million by 2011, expanded internationally in 2012 and reached $2.8 billion in total funding by 2015.
At first, we introduce the development of Uber including its Funding, International Expansion and Software improvement. Then, we focus on the 10 critical decisions of operation management of Uber including design of services, managing quality, process and capacity design, location strategy, layout strategy, human resources and job design, supply-chain management, Inventory, scheduling and maintenance. Various graphical and statistical methods would be used to calculate and illustrate its growth and productivity. Finally, we compare Uber with its competitors to find out similarities and differences to help understand the advantages, disadvantages and scope of improvement for Uber. In addition, we will provide detailed analysis and propose viable solutions to the identified problems Uber faces.
Problem Identified
Public Image Issue

Since UBER was created, they have been dealing with issues their public image. UBER has been tarnished since its inception with public relation nightmares. UBER drivers have been accused of rape, the CEO has been criminally charged in other countries for illegal taxi business and UBER also has been accused of stealing customers and overloading other companies with fake customer calls and then canceling at the last minute. Even though UBER has faced all of this negative criticism, they are still thriving and becoming a very successful company. Our group is proposing to look more into depth UBER’s public image issue and identify key areas where they can improve on and create a better company image.

Existing Taxi Business Issue

UBER has also had to deal with existing taxi businesses that believe they are stealing their business. Due to UBER’s great success in the taxi business in such a short period of time, existing taxi businesses have taken to the…