Graham Inc. CC: Project Team Of Shoff Consulting

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TO: Branch Managers and Stakeholders of Graham Inc.
CC: Project Team of Shoff Consulting
FROM: Phyllis Shoff – Project Manager
DATE: November 17, 2014
RE: New Compliance System and Policies Project Proposal
Project Description
Graham Inc. has hired this firm Shoff Consulting because they need a new companywide compliance system with new compliance policies. Every manager in each branch office around the country of Graham Inc. will need at least 10 hours of training on this new compliance system and the new policies. This training will allow the branch managers to perform their job accurately and to train their employees correctly. This project will be called Graham Project and will be addressed as this from this point on.
Project Stakeholders
The direct stakeholders in the Graham Project will be the President of Graham Inc., all branch managers, Human Resource manager, Legal manager, project manager, project team from Shoff Consulting, and indirect stakeholders will be the end users of Graham Inc. in each branch office. Feedback will be documented after each training session and sent to the President of Graham Inc. for assessment of any changes that need to be made.

Project Objectives and Outcomes
Hands on training will be given by Shoff Consulting for the Graham Project. The hands on training will give the branch managers a chance to get familiar with the new compliance system and policies so they can train their employees efficiently. It will also give them a chance to ask questions about anything they do not understand or if they are confused about any detail. This training will be in one centralized location, at Graham’s Inc. corporate office. Each branch manager will need to be available for two consecutive days for this training. This training is mandatory. The branch managers will also be given hard copies of the training and the compliance policies for them to reference back to. They will also be