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Project Proposal
Katherine Grenfell
CMGT 410
May 18th, 2015
Deborah Ray-Sims

KTography Unlimited
To: Management, Corporate Team Members, All Departments
From: Katherine Grenfell
CC: All Managers
Date: 5/18/2015
RE: New Compliance System and Policies

Comments: As KTography Unlimited is expanding, a new compliance is needed for the entire corporation. New compliance policies will be introduced as a part of the new conformity system. Proper training by every Manager will be required in order to ensure job completion and employee performance quality. Training will be coordinated and undertaken as a part of the Butterfly Project.
Project Stakeholders A multitude of individuals will be both directly and indirectly affected by the Butterfly Project. All managers of every branch across the country must participate in the project. Supervisors must attend all training sessions and are thus affected as well. Every employee of KTography Unlimited will not be immediately affected, but will eventually need to be trained. Managers will pass along their training to each respective employee. The CEO of KTography Unlimited will not be immediately affected, however, the CEO will require feedback in order to evaluate all training sessions and will be an important influence on all future training sessions. Managers must train for a minimum of 10 hours on this new system, and must train on the new compliance system as well. This new system will create a common database for the entire company which will allow employees to access data that will need to be created and configured.
Objectives and Outcomes The Butterfly Project will provide all training and information required to all managers in order to help them effectively and efficiently operate the new compliance system. Each manager will be trained directly with the application within the new compliance system. All questions and confusions about the proper use and functions of the new system will be effectively answered during this training. Managers will also receive comprehensive information concerning the new compliance policies. This will ensure that all employees follow all guidelines within the new compliance policy.
Measure of Success Success of the Butterfly Project will be determined by comparing the old standards