Impact Of Japanese Pop Culture

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Name: Ka I Kou
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Assessment #2: Project Report


The rationale for carrying out this research project was to investigate on how the Japanese pop culture has been influencing the young teenagers in Asia country especially focusing on Hong Kong and Macau. The different forms of Japanese pop culture have led to different perspectives on the young generations due to the impact of the Japanese pop culture plays a major role in the culture of Hong Kong and Macau. By doing a conversation in this investigation with my participants, I could obtain additional information and their opinions and thoughts about the Japanese pop culture as they were raised in the same culture background but in different attitudes towards a foreign culture.
The report starts explaining the focus of the project and follow by saying how the investigation was being conducted; any ethical issues will be identified and addressed in the report. Besides, the importance of consideration on how the investigation might affect to any participants. Additionally, examples will be used to analysis the data which has addressed in the investigation. Finally, the report concludes with an evaluation of the investigation and reflection on being an investigator.
The focus of the investigation was to show how the popularity and the influential of the Japanese pop culture has been penetrating in Asia country especially focusing on the young people in Hong Kong and Macau. Based on the focus question that has investigated since there are not much research related to this topic and it was interesting to know about the Japanese pop culture that has changed the people’s perception of Japan in Asia. Furthermore, language is significant in this context because it does not only influence the participants from the investigation but it could be seen that the powerful of the language has changed the people’s consciousness to arouse their passion of knowing more about the Japanese pop culture.


The influential of Japanese pop culture in major Asian countries was being investigated in this project. I have this thought of researching about this topic because I was raised with different forms of Japanese animation and manga culture in Macau. It seems there was not much information related to the impact of the Japanese pop culture to the young generations in this contemporary society. Indeed, I think animation and manga could evoke young teenagers’ childhood memories since most of the popular Japanese animation and manga were recognized by worldwide. It is not surprised that every teenager knows about the name of the popular animation and manga when people mention as they were accompanied over decades already. Due to the Japanese pop culture is a huge industry nowadays, I was curious to know about my friends’ perspectives on the Japanese pop culture in Hong Kong and Macau. During the early stage of ethical consideration of the investigation, according to the research that I had done, I did include Macau only for my focus question. However, the information that I had researched on Macau was not sufficient for this investigation. It would be better to include Hong Kong because I am interested in knowing the perspective of Hong Kong people as well.
Throughout the process of the developing the investigation, I had come up a decision of the focus on knowing how people especially the young teenager’s first contact with the Japanese pop culture. Also, how the Japanese pop culture influences on the desire of young people in Hong Kong and Macau in learning Japanese and creating interest in visiting or achieving their ambition in Japan. From the above consideration, I had come up my focus question ‘How does the impact of Japanese pop culture influence the perspective of the children and young teenagers in Hong Kong and Macau?’

From the beginning of the research of the investigation, there are two quotes from Blommeart and Rampton which have affected my thinking