Project Risk management Essay

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Risk is part and parcel of every single project that needs to be put into consideration if the chances of success are to be increased. The McBride Financial Services LAN project for the Boise office will not be an exception. To achieve this goal, it is important that strategies be put in place to avoid or resolve unplanned changes that may come up in the course of the project with the least negative deviation from the project deliverables.
To avoid unplanned disruptions in the course of the project, it will be important for the stakeholders to be actively involved in the lookout for unexpected occurrences in the course of the project. Strategies to limit these risks in the McBride LAN project will include:
In the process of brainstorming, the project management team will its Information Technology risk framework and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to identify risks which will involve both threats and opportunities. This will be done by working from the phases of the project’s life cycle and working towards the core of the project’s framework. To achieve success in this stage, it will be important for every team member to make active contributions on their specialties in relation to the project.
Another technique that will be useful in the effort to avoid risk will be the use of Interviews to gather information related to the project from the stakeholders. Here success will rely on the quality of communication…