Essay about project n 1 barbour vs banana republic

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68 Duke Street (not in a high road).
It’s a side street of Oxford Street.

• The Windows are clean and tidy;
• Show the latest collection or the best sellers;
• The display theme is “ nature”, countryside and outdoor looks;
• In the windows there are no sales advertisement, even if sales are inside the shop;
• The structure of the window is warm and reflects the heritage of the brand;
• The windows are divided in two sections: Men and Women;
• Barbour stores are celebrating 120 years of experience;
• There are no price shows.

• The security man welcome us, the two sale assistant were busy;
• The store size is quite small, only two floors ( ground and under);
• There is no music inside;
• There is no technology items displayed; • The lights are diffusing;
• The clothes are displayed in a tidy way, but not very organized (probably due to the tiny spaces);
• The dressing room is not indicated with any sign and we found out there is only one for the whole store;
• Anyway the store is very clean, even if the basement was full of boxes from the new delivery;
• In general the atmosphere is very relaxing, the staff doesn’t try to sell us anything; • The only negative thing is that there wasn’t enough sale assistant.

224 Regent Street.
One of the main street of London.

• The windows are big and minimal; • The structure of them is cold and modern and you can’t see a proper theme;
• It’s very clear that the store is doing sales;
• It shows the best items, especially because it’s more focus on promoting the sales then the theme of the collection; • The main collection is in the smallest window, even if the concept is very clear;
• For the new collection, there is a little explanation of the theme used it;
• There is no distinction between the display of men and women;
• There are no prices displayed.

• The sale assistant immediately welcome us; • The music was contemporary, but not too loud; • The store is very big, three floors, which allowed it to be well organized;
• Each floor is divided in different sections: first floor casual and denim, second floor accessories and elegant clothes and on the top floor the men section;
• Lights offer a very good vision of clothes;
• There are I-pad which allowed you to look at the website collection and search the items and big screens that slides pictures of the latest pieces;
• Despites the size, the store is very clean;
• The dressing room are immediately visible and they are indicated by signs;
• The staff helps you to make your purchase easier, in a honest and friendly way; • In general the atmosphere is modern and relaxing. Barbour

Banana Republic

• Age: 30 - all over
• Classic casual wearing, outdoor lifestyle