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As I sit here in my vanity chair I can feel my 80 yr. old body throb in pain. I catch a glimpse of wrinkled skin staring at me in the mirror along with long grey hair that has started to fray past my shoulders. I sit and reflect on a time where my hair was a light brown and my body was full of life.
My life fully took off into adulthood when I was 23 and I gave birth to my first child, a daughter who I adored dearly. I latter married my beloved husband. The birth of our child gave me the motivation to complete school, I graduated with my bachelors in nursing. I was a nurse for 35 years at Brigham and women's hospital working in the labor and delivery ward. Although my years there were great and I was very successful in my field, it took a toll on my body in the long run. I experienced severe carper tunnel in my knees at the age of 35 from all of the repetitive movements of walking through the corridors. A slipped disk in my back followed only a few years latter from the strain of lifting and helping patients move around. My health has always been well minus my breathing. The struggle with my asthma has increased, as I have aged over the years I have put on more weight which has made it harder to breath. My daily activities consist of taking my routine morning walk with my husband through the neighborhood. We typically run small errands together mostly for dinner and we do light cleaning around the house too. My daughter and grandchildren come over frequently to help with