Essay on Promote young children physical activity and mivement skills

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1.1 Explain why physical activity is important to the short and long term health and well being of children.

Physical activity is an integral part of health and well being in children.Our bodies also require physical activity in order to be healthy.Understanding and supporting physical activity, will help children have the right foundation for a healthy and happy life.Positive experiences with physical activity at a young age promotes the growth if strong bones and muscles, help to develop good posture and balance, obesity risk and chronic disease risk infection are reduced.
A long-term health benefit will be that children will have a stronger immune system.Children are less likely to become overweight and will have better
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3.2 Explain how the plan:
-meets the individual movement skills needs of children
-includes activities that promote competence in movement skills
-encourages physical play

Good planning involves observing children's strengths, interests and needs and developmental skills.Children will be given the opportunity to practice the skills, to modify, change or adding some equipment based on children's interests and abilities.
Planning is based on observations on each child's interests and developmental progress.Children need opportunities to practise motor skills and to have interested adults to participate with them.
It is also important to support children who are at different stages and provide emotional support , be flexible and provide opportunity for practise.As the child becomes more comfortable and competent with an activity, the expectations can be changed to allow for more challenges.

4.1 Explain the importance of building physical activity into everyday routines.

In my setting we support children to become independent and develop