Promoting of Products Essay

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In the advertisements above, the tissue was trademarked Kleenex and launched in 1924 as a cold cream or makeup remover; a disposable substitute for face towels. Changing the ingredient blends and using different pulps, scientists were able to make a softer crepe and from this the idea of Kleenex facial tissue was born.
I picked Kleenex for statement #1 - Adds value to the brand. The value that is added to Kleenex is not only they made tissues, but also different kinds of makeup removers, cold creams, table napkins, etc. Since Kleenex tissues came on the market in 1924, it has been the No. 1 brand of facial tissue in the world and today is a global icon. For a product originally made of excess material, it certainly exceeded everyone's expectations.

Old Spice
In the advertisement above, Old Spice is advertising their product by a picture of a woman eating an ice cream cone. Clearly this has no connection to their body wash product they are promoting, but it is unique and humorous.
I picked Old Spice for the statement #5 - Stereotypes a person or group. I think the advertisement approach is offensive and not acceptable. I think that, although the stereotypes of this advertisement may not obvious to the average viewer, this ad definitely contains stereotypes. Primarily, I think that the use of a female to promote a product, especially the way she is sexually portrayed, stereotypes females. It shows them as sexual objects and refers to them in sexual, inappropriate way. In my opinion, there is no need for a female to draw attention to this Old Spice product in such ways.

McDonald’s The advertisement above for McDonald’s "The Real Milkshake. Now with Double Flavor” is supposed to be a picture from under the cow and depicts a cow udder in which the teats are shaped in a peace sign or the two teats indicate the "double" flavor. I picked McDonald’s for the statement #4 - Tries to manipulate you into buying something you didn’t previously want or need. The reason how the advertisement is manipulating is presumably, the inclusion of a cow udder is to emphasize the "milkiness" of the milkshake. I was effectively manipulated by it was making me thirsty to buy a milkshake even though I didn’t have a need or want to buy one.

Skechers In the advertisement above, Skechers is advertising their “Shape-Ups”