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Promote innovation in a team environment.
To increase your teams quality and quantity of outputs will not only require you to encourage them and make sure that they are getting the correct feedback on their work but to also make sure that the team is organised according to each members abilities. This is so that each member is within their profession and preferred role, when employees are happy with the role they have within a task they will tend to perform better and have more ideas as they will be motivated to do well and happy within the environment they are in. Another way that you can make sure that each team member is performing to the best of their abilities is to make sure that you give them constant feedback on how they are performing with their task. This will encourage them to either to better in their role or to continue performing well as they have been fulfilling the outcomes of the role.

Having weekly meetings with the team is a useful tool as they will be required to come up with different ideas about the task they are working on. These ideas might not be used all the time but they are ideas that may be used and that may help other people add more information or change parts of their work so that it makes sense with the rest of the teams work. This will help the team communicate and also keep the work on track and making sure that it all relates. Making sure that the team has goals that they are striving to achieve plays a huge role within completing the task on time and making sure that its completed with quality. Having short term goals that are achievable and that lead up to the long term goal will help give the team confidence as they complete each short term goal. Each team member may have a specific goal to their task in order make sure they are focused to their role so that they not only let the team down but their boss and them selves.

By encouraging team members to be innovative with their work you are encouraging them to be creative and have new ideas. When team members are being innovative they are making sure that they understand their work and by understanding their work they are creating new ways of completing their tasks, creating new ideas that will improve the business and ultimately making a change to the current product that will enhance its use and increase its value from previous models. As mentioned previously by constantly asking team members to have at least one idea every week may help them become more innovative with their work. This will help them think of new ways to improve something that already exists within the workplace or even think of new ways they can improve the work place even if the tools don’t exist they can be created become a new product. Each and every idea that will be suggested every week doesn’t mean it is to be used and it doesn’t mean that they will all be career changing ideas. But once an idea has been suggested and it seems logical and it seems as if it can make an impact, it may then be rewarded by first of all making it a reality and putting it to practice. Once the idea shows that its good within the business the employee may receive points, so making a point