Essay Promotion: High School and Minh-thi Nguyen

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Minh-Thi Nguyen
Core 2
Mrs. Conroy
29 May 2013
Promotion Speech Good afternoon, everyone! First and foremost, I must introduce myself. My name is Minh-Thi Nguyen, and I would like thank our parents, families, teachers, and peers, for they are the fundamental reason for us being here today. Today, we, as a class, will officially graduate 8th grade, as well as middle school itself. Based on my past experiences here at Oak, school is more than just an institution for education; it is where we spend the majority of our childhood, learning and growing as separate and unique individuals. It is where we meet people who will influence us for the rest of our lives, and school is where we grow entirety. These three years at Oak Middle School have created memories we will never forget, and have altered our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Eighth grade was definitely a year to remember; people begin to learn who they truly are, and we create relationships that can never be replaced. This year, I realized that friends come and go, but we are all part of one big family. I've personally had some constant on and off friends, but I wouldn't be here today without them. Even though we sometimes get fed up with one another's presence, deep down, we all have a little love for each other. At first, I couldn't stand the idea of being stuck with the same exact people through nearly every period of the day, and since I wasn't close to most of them, I was very pessimistic towards this school year. However, as the year eventually progressed, I believe that we all became a family. I made new