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Promotion Plan A promotional plan outlines the tools or tactics you can use to accomplish your market objectives. The promotion plan for the run states our intentions and present works towards the progress of the run. It involves creating more awareness of our primary market and the secondary market within it to increase our customers and therefore, increase profit. It may include most part of our marketing budget and an accurate estimation of its cost. This may tarnish or upgrade the view of the market depending on its price or the type of customer we are reaching out to. Different means can be used to promote our market but they have to appeal to the social being of our customers because our customers are teenagers. A promotion plan is basically limited level of imagination in the minds of the producers. With a high level of imagination, capturing and satisfying customers would occur without much ado. Every promotion plan has a wide range of objectives including introduction of a new product, sale increase, brand equity, product acceptance, product positioning, creating a corporate image or even competitive retaliation. However, there are different basis for a promotion plan in different organizations. Our promotion plan has three identifiable bases; to create awareness of our existing product, differentiate our market (per charity) and increase demand therefore, profit. Our promotion plan includes advertising, publicity, personal selling and sales promotion. Laying the groundwork for our promotional tactics involves high level of creativity and research; while advertising and publicity requires the creativity spoken about. Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade a targeted customer to buy your product or service. The purpose of advertising would be defeated when one can hardly get the attention of a customer. “Getting the attention of a customer is one thing, but maintaining their attention is another.” You can get the attention of your customer in five seconds and loose it afterwards or you can get the attention of a customer and change that customer’s best product for a very long time. To advertise one