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Promotion Strategy
Rogers Communication Inc.: Cable TV
5P05-Section 3
Professor: Eric Dolansky

Mengqiao ( Mona) Shi 5719810

March 10th, 2015

Rogers Cable TV has been an optimal choice for customers because of its exclusive channels, steady stream of innovation and customer involvement service. Following Procter&Gamble, Rogers spent 145 million on advertising and became the second biggest advertiser in Canada in 2012, (Lloyd, November 15, 2013). )-accompanying with the revenue has increasedincreasing by 3.2% from 2012 to 2014 (Annual Report, 2014). Generally, Rogers aims at utilizing unambiguous and concise messages to give customers correct guidance which lead them to make purchase, thus increasing sales.
Promotion mix
Rogers Cable TV has diverse social medias to interact with customers. Specifically, Rogers TV, a community television service, devotes to providing local TV to Rogers’ cable customers exclusively. (“Rogers TV,” 2015) Besides, official blog (Redboard), Rogers Community Forums and Rogers Connected are users Q&A platform for users with information sharing and exchange. Additionally, the traditional medias, for instance, Business magazine MACLEAN’S and sports magazine SPORTNET under Rogers Media, are extended platforms for placing advertisement. Besides, radios World FM and 60NEWS are widely accepted mass medias for Rogers’ customers. (“Rogers Media,” 2015).
In general, the multimedia varies the ways of broadcasting information, making enabling customers to get gain a deep understanding to of Rogers and then build long-term relationship with it.
Sales promotion
Rogers Cable TV recommends customers Bundle package Package containing unlimited data and basic TV, which is cheaper less expensive than just subscribing one package separately?. Specifically,Taking Theme Packs as an example, it is an on demand service with extra payment only around $8 to $20, including more unique customized channels chosen by customers.
Rewards & contests
Recently, there are a lot ofnumerous rewards and contests held by Rogers. For instance, Rogers Fist Rewards: Spin-to-win provided customers a chance to win 100,000 points which can redeem for excellent Rogers products and services. (“Rogers First Rewards,” 2014). Besides, Rogers offers customers tremendous prizes like smartphones, tables, TVs, trendy tech accessories and more so on to do what? (“Upcoming contest,” 2014).
Such activities can decrease buyer power, increase switching cost for customers, which in turn accelerate future purchases.
Public Relation
As mentioned in our product strategy paper, in September 2014, the CRTC announced the unbundle package of “pick-and-pay”, (Bradshaw, 2014) whose channels can be chosen based on customers’ needs. Rogers released news through third parties that let the public involve and participate in discussion. This kind of transparency of this event is beneficial, since it positively influent influences public’s attitudes and feelings.
Additionally, Rogers pays more attention to building a positive image and association with customers. Rogers Center is a good example. (“Rogers Centre,” 2015). By offering customers numbers of services including sports events, entertainment and concerts etc., It it creates happyhappiness, comfortable and exciting feelings experience for customers; such impressive memory can convince convincing customers to choose Rogers as their first choice.
Personal selling
More importantly, Rogers believes that “provide our people with the training, tools and support they need, particularly for front–line employees…will lead to increasingly positive experiences for our customers” (“Annual Report,” 2014). Thus, sales people are paramount for such technology industry. Since, Rogers Cable TV’s products and services can be simplified by sales people in a conversational and explanation explanatory way.
Comparative advantage
According to the above analysis of current promotion mix