Pronuclear Transfer Persuasive Essay

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Possible benefit from the procedure:
The technique is backed up with scientific data and analysis. The data put forth are reliable academic and research articles expressing their findings. I believe there is substantial data for other countries to approve clinical testing. According to (Gorman et., 2015), every year there are about 10,146 – 15,064 women at risk of transferring mtDNA disease to their offsprings nationally. Now it seems to be a low number, while it’s growing year by year. If the technology we have right now is sufficient to stop the growing rate of mtDNA disease transfer, then we should start testing. I believe that, if we don’t it would be unethical; if we have the resources to help people, we should use them instead of arguing over whether or not
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It would be a revolutionary step to take in the medical field. Just like Kenan Malik, an opinion editorial for the New York Times, many others believe that this is the first step to designer babies (Malik, 2015). The phenomena of designer babies is envisioned as perfect babies; they would have no sickness, three digit IQ’s and have the perfect body. Even though we are decades away from that actually happening; with the use of modern technology and research scientist would be able to create designer babies. I believe that allowing the procedure for “three-parent babies” to happen, in the future it would be possible for designer babies to be created. I believe that is where the modern era is leading us and it’s important to see that with the lack of resources we have and over population, designer babies that have limited troubles are more likely to live on earth. In addition, I agree with Milaks opinion that if doctors are able to play ‘god’ and save peoples lives, they should, because that is their job (Malik,