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Propaganda Within Beauty Advertisements
Propaganda is a promoted message designed for the persuasion and influence of its intended audience. Usually every piece of advertisement today, uses various propaganda techniques to draw an attentive audience, who are easily influenced into needing or desiring the company’s product. From World War to daily politics, or medias advertisements of beauty products, they all demonstrate high and successful examples of propaganda’s influence. An example of present day propaganda is “Garnier Nutrisse” hair dye.

The “Garnier” advertisement has the intention to promote a lasting good impression on its viewers. Trying to display their care and dedication towards the people that use their product. All convincing the reader that it will benefit and better themselves if they use it. It is an ad that stands out, and uses different propaganda techniques through Testimonial, Glittering Generality, and Transfer to sell their product.

Testimonial propaganda is the technique that tries to persuade individuals to buy their product by using a famous figure who endorses the product. Famous actor Tina Fey, is the role model of “Garnier Nutrisse" ad campaign. By using her as their representative, it gains trust within the individuals reading their advertisement and convinces them that “if she uses it then we will too”. Society today is based upon trends that are set by certain celebrities and other role models. This creates the lust and the desire to have this product to be like them, creating a successful, demanded product.
Glittering Generality propaganda is the use of sweet vague, virtue words to simply help describe the product and help approve of the advertisement without looking for an explanation. Most ads in the media that demonstrate this type of propaganda use bolded words that stand out. In the “Garnier Nutrisse" ad, it uses strong words like “richer, longer lasting, better, radiant, and ravishing” to evoke positive emotions to the intended reader and to help the product sound more valued.

The final propaganda technique used in this magazine advertisement is Transfer propaganda. This type of propaganda is the use of something society respects or approves of, that is related into company’s products so we are more likely to approve of. It is used in the description of the materials used in the hair die. It tries to prove that it is healthier for peoples hair because it is