Propaganda Letter Essay

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Eric Sudduth
Honors English I, 1st Block

Dear Mr. Hammond,
We are learning about propaganda in class lately. Propaganda is an effective technique used to persuade people, and influence your opinions, emotions, attitude, and behavior. Propaganda is used by the military, advertisers, politicians, even by you and me. We have recently finished a book in our English Class called Animal Farm written by George Orwell, where they use fear propaganda effectively. I would like for you to consider my opinions about how we could use propaganda at Louisville High School, to more efficiently be able to carry out school rules and policies.
The first rule I would like to address would be the rule of Smoking at or in the immediate vicinity of the school. I believe that we should use Testimonial Propaganda. Testimonial Propaganda is when you use well known people or famous people to endorse an idea. I believe we should use a famous group of people in our school such as the football team. We should get the football team to speak out and tell the school about how bad smoking is for you and how it could affect people the people around you at your school. We have not had a successful football team because they have sat around smoking cigarettes all the time. Our football team has been successful because they have been working hard are taking care of their body.
The second rule I would like for you to consider would be the rule of Use of, or possession of, alcohol or illegal drugs on or near school grounds. The best propaganda you should use in my opinion would be Fear Propaganda. I believe just like in Animal Farm we read that fear propaganda would work effectively. In the book Squealer one of pigs in charge used Fear all the time to scare the other animals to get them to do whatever they wanted. I believe the best way to carry out this method, would be to get our sheriff to come with an inmate. The sheriff would use the inmate to tell all of us how smoking and drinking can ruin your life and put you in bad situations. These people have done something wrong and if we show them by using…