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Propaganda’s Effect on Canada

False advertising is believed to be necessary in order to receive success and rule above other nations. Propaganda posters in both WWI and WWII are brainwashing and provide people with untrue ‘facts’ that, when believed, allow people to live a lie and support an unjust cause. These posters pressure people into taking part of something they don't necessarily want to or feel comfortable joining. Finally propaganda greatly misleads men and families, giving false perceptions of what happens behind closed doors. People of authority such as Hitler believe propaganda is effective because without it, one would not have a reason to join the forces and the Canadian forces would be weak, therefore losing all the battles. Contrary to that, Canadian government should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity for subconsciously forcing men to join the military, resulting in their deaths.

The people of Canada are brainwashed by the government into thinking that propaganda messages are true and that the war experience is positive. Canada is shown what happened to other countries and is told that if men do not join war, that will happen to Canada. One image provided during propaganda gives the illusion that the horrors of war will not reach Canada only if men join the war.1 It illustrates that Canada has capability beyond other countries. And will remain that way when, and only when men join the military. One poster from the book “Der Giftpilz” (published in 1938) and intended for children aims to increase anti-Semitism by teaching youngsters negative myths about Jewish people.2 Teaching children negative attributes about the enemy is acceptable in order to win. The word “myths” is used because children are being taught false facts just to dominate others, brainwashing not only the men participating but also the woman and children. Crimes against humanity are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity, grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.3 The dignity of others is disregarded when children are being taught that other nations are different and inferior. Therefore Canadian government should be charged with crimes against humanity because they give the illusion that disrespect and fighting is right and just, making it seem acceptable so that they can get away with what they are doing to Canadian citizens and other nations.

Propaganda causes guilt in people, compelling them to join war. Civilians are taught they will receive a higher social status in the long run if they join and they will be looked down upon if they do not join: “Propaganda often hinted signs of heroism, convincing them that after the war was over they would be known as heroes.”4 The encouragement the government puts on the people is truly based on heroism and social acceptance, not on the acts pursued in war. Along with that, the false argumentation of bandwagoning is used. One propaganda poster read “This is the wave of the future.”5 The government’s idea is to make everyone who is not involved feel bad about not being part. ‘The wave of the future’ is everyone being involved in supporting the cause that makes you special. Men feel guilty for being bystanders so they join to be better people, not prepared for fighting and then end up dead. Propaganda gives the message that success comes out of joining Armed Forces, putting pressure on individuals to join, an attack on human dignity, leading to their deaths which are why the Canadian government is guilty of committing crimes against humanity.

Canadian government gives misleading ideas of what the war is like to persuade individuals into joining the Armed Forces: “But since propaganda is not and cannot be at the necessity itself, since it’s function consists of attracting the attention of the crowd and not educating those… for the most part must be aimed at the