Property Valuation and Appraisal: Single Family Housing Essay

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Assignment 1: Examining Property Documents
Single Family Home
1. Are there restrictions concerning parking of vehicles, boats or “RVs”? If so, what?
Yes. “No boat, boat trailer, camper, mobile home, travel trailer, aircraft glider, or bus shall be permitted to remain on any Lot or public street within the subdivision, unless inside a garage or otherwise parked, stored or located in such manner and location so as not to be visible from the public streets and neighboring Lots.”

2. Are there easements on or adjacent to your lot? If so, what are they for?
Yes, the easement provides access to overhead power lines that pass through the entirety of the subdivision; it is shared between my lot and the southern neighbor’s lot. According to the declaration, “each Lot Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of all easements situated on his respective Lot.”

3. Are there restrictions on the use of clothes lines? If so, what?
Yes. “No outdoor clothesline, of any kind whatsoever, temporary or permanent shall be permitted on any Lot, unless the lines are not visible from the exterior of the Lot.”

4. Are there restrictions on maintenance of landscaping? If so, what?
No specific section related to landscaping exists; however, there is a “Front Lot” section that states the front “shall remain grass, and each Owner is required to maintain such grass to be weed free and not more than 3” in height.” Landscaping is further alluded to in the “Appearance” section that states hedges should be regularly cut and the exercise of generally accepted garden management practices necessary to promote a healthy, weed free environment for optimum plant growth; together with painting, repairing, replacing and caring for roofs, gutters, downspouts, exterior building surfaces, lighting fixtures, shrubs and other vegetation, walks, driveways and other paved areas, and all other exterior improvements, such as to keep the same in a condition comparable to their original condition, normal wear and tear excepted.”

5. Are there any pedestrian or trail easements or right-of-ways in your subdivision?
Yes. There is a basic “Access Easement” that grants ingress and egress to common areas.

6. Are there restrictions on construction of fences?
Yes. “Fences, walls and hedges