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The Prophetic Presentation Dr. Yates, presentations has contributed a clear and precise understanding of the messages brought down by the prophets during the Old Testament. The messages would come in the form of destruction and judgment. Dr. Yates simplifies the purpose of the prophets with their complex and important role in the Book Isaiah. As God commission the prophets as the new hope for his people, we come to learn, Gods true love for his people. How God continue to give and give various opportunities before “He place judgment for refusing to stop exhibiting wicked ways, and at the same time allowing the reader to realize that it is not just enough to put on a performance of love for God , we must mean it from the heart. In the Book of Isaiah the presentations reviled to the listener that God has a special love for his people and expect in return the same form us, to love him truthfully and genuinely. “He expected not just an outward appearance but from the heart, an inward willingness. As Dr. Yates move through the Isaiah Ch. 6 , he translate a clear a smooth description of the a Image of a most powerful God who at some point and time was respected by all men, The listener walk away knowing that God Is highly exalted above all his creatures. His moral perfection stands in a contrast to evil people and nations, more so, God is perfect and sinless in all his motives and actions, as he is in perfect control of his power, judgment, love, and mercy. As the Prophets are call on as watchmen to the nation of Judah , warning the people of the coming of the Day of the Lord as he bring destruction and judgment, the Prophets was call to tell of God’s salvation through the Messiah. Most importantly the listener could appreciate the images and God principal in Isaiah 6, that god is most powerful and in Isaiah Chapter 49, Isaiah describe a nursing mother will never leave her child, as we know today that God will leave use and we must have the deepest trust as mention in the Book of Habakkuk. We can appreciate the interruption from Dr. Yates as we move forth in the Old Testament, to learn more about literary and fugitive images of the future kingdom of God so that we my come to know more about who Jesus is known him today and how the prophetic word was announce in the Old Testament of the coming of the Messiah by the prophets. The discussion of the Old Testament prophetic has changed my perspective. As we travel through the books of the prophets, knowing that images of literary, fugitive and genre play a great role in understand these book has given me a better perspective of receiving the message. In 200–250 words, explain how your passage reflects the basic features of Old Testament prophecy. In what ways does the prophet make his message vivid and memorable for his audience?
Amos 5:1–15
1 Hear this word, O house of Israel, this…